Welcome Message

Dear Perioperative Colleagues,

On behalf of EORNA and its Organising Committee, it is a great pleasure for us to invite you to attend the 10th biennial congress of the European Operating Room Nurses Association. The congress will be held in Norway in the beautiful city of Stavanger from 12th to 15th of May 2022. The venue, Stavanger Forum is one of Norway’s largest conference and exhibition centres. It will be a great moment bringing together all committed nurses, leaders and perioperative professionals. We hope the scientific programme will offer delegates a wide range of innovative and interesting topics, with oral presentations, poster sessions and workshops. During the last congress held in The Netherlands in 2019, EORNA welcomed delegates from over 40 countries. In 2021, EORNA held a virtual Congress which gathered around 500 delegates. EORNA Congress is a huge opportunity to learn and to share knowledge with colleagues from around the world. The first call for abstracts will be in March 2021.

Norway is a Scandinavian country encompassing mountains, glaciers and deep coastal fjords. Stavanger is a city in southwestern Norway, and also the administrative centre of Rogaland county. In the centre of town, Stavanger Cathedral dates back to the city’s 12th century founding. Old Stavanger is located on the side of Vågen in the city centre and comprises 173 wooden buildings. Stavanger Museum chronicles the city’s history and displays preserved wildlife. The Norwegian Petroleum Museum illuminates the oil industry with submersibles, a large drill bit and an escape chute. The shopping street Øvre Holmegate is known for its colourful houses. The Stavanger & Ryfylke regions offer grand nature with steep mountains and deep fjords. Why not cruise the majestic fjord while you are here?

The congress theme is WINDS OF CHANGE. With this title, we indicate that our profession is constantly changing to enhance perioperative care, with more advanced technology for quality and safety of patient care in operating theatres. All these developments require the attention and commitment of the entire surgical team, which are the force that has the power to make the changes. As we already know, not only the operating theatres’ environment is changing, but also the world surrounding us. Based on this knowledge we know how essential it is to have updated expertise and always be prepared for new changes. We hope our congress will contribute to this.

The Norwegian Association, NSFLOS is proud to host the 10th EORNA Congress in Norway and to organise a warm welcome for all delegates. We are sure to offer you all a fantastic and unforgettable congress and stay in Stavanger and are looking forward to seeing you all.

May Karam
EORNA President

Aina Hauge
Chair of the Organising Committee

Maria Loureiro
Chair of the Scientific Committee