During the 10th EORNA Congress we would like to propose a new type of scientific session based on clinical case studies. We would like you to submit a case study, that you will be able to present and discuss during the coming EORNA Congress. This session will allow the audience and the chairs to discuss about your clinical case study. Each clinical case study will present a problematic which you encountered in your professional life. Once the problematic is exposed to the audience and the board, a discussion will be opened to explore the different possible way to solve this issue. At the end of your presentation, you will explain to the audience how this problematic was resolved in your experience.

The topics selected for the clinical case studies are: COVID; Adverse events (Complications) – Coping; Emergency Situations; Ethics Issues

If you are interested, take a look at our clinical case study guidelines and submit a PDF file of your clinical case study to eorna-scientific@kit-group.org by 20 January 2022, Midnight CET, at the latest.

The Abstract Submission 2022 is open until January 3rd, 2022.

All abstracts initially submitted for 2021 will automatically be transferred to the new abstract submission system as drafts. Please note that you will need to log in and re-submit your abstract for the 10th EORNA Congress. You can be assured that it is possible to edit or delete your abstract at any time.

You can have a look at the preliminary scientific programme here.

A more detailed version of the scientific programme will be published in February 2022.